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Tired of puzzling over the profile of online competitors who don't seem to deserve their position ?

Have you spent money on your online business, but not seeing the results ?

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Why create a strategy ?

Due to the well-deserved hype surrounding the web, the average person is usually only exposed to the great success stories.  Who hasn't heard of 2 geeks making $2 BILLION from Google in selling YouTube, the hysteria around Facebook created by a 23 year old, or the wonderful local success story of Graeme Wood's ?

In reality though, the online landscape is littered with 'train-wrecks'. Web developments which set out to do great things, but missed the mark, losing their creators a massive amount of time and money, and in some cases destroying their business and livelihood.

It's important to understand a web project is like any other business and marketing decision.  With the right strategy, decision-making process and using the right people, you can achieve great things.  Do you want to soar with the eagles, or ... ?